Milo Streaming Media Inc.

DMCA/Copyright Policy


Milo Streaming Media Inc. (“MiloTV”) is committed to complying with U.S. copyright and related laws, and requires, all subscribers and users of MiloTV’s services (including our websites, applications, or any other “MiloTV” branded memberships, features, functionalities, products, and services (collectively “Services”)) to comply with such laws.

As a result, you may not store any material or content on, or disseminate any material or content over, the Services (or any part of the Services) in any manner that constitutes an infringement of third party intellectual property rights granted by U.S. copyright law. Owners of copyrighted works who believe their rights have been infringed may take advantage of certain provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (“DMCA”) to report alleged infringements. It is MiloTV’s policy in accordance with the DMCA and other applicable laws to terminate the Services of any subscriber or user who we determine is a repeat infringer of U.S. copyright law. MiloTV may terminate the Services at any time with or without notice for any such subscriber or user.

Copyright owners may report alleged infringements of their works by sending Milo Streaming Media Inc’s DMCA agent a notification of claimed infringement. Upon receipt of a notice of claimed infringement that satisfies the requirements of the DMCA, MiloTV will respond expeditiously to directly or indirectly disable access to the allegedly infringing work(s). MiloTV will also notify the applicable subscriber or user of the Services of the disablement of access to the allegedly infringing work(s). If the applicable subscriber or user believes in good faith that access to the allegedly infringing work(s) has been disabled in error, then that person may send MiloTV’s DMCA agent a counter notification. Upon receipt of a counter notification that satisfies the requirements of the DMCA, MiloTV will provide a copy of the counter notification to the copyright owner who sent the original notice claiming infringement and will follow the procedures in the DMCA for counter notifications. In all events, you expressly agree that MiloTV and its affiliates will not be parties to any disputes or lawsuits regarding alleged copyright infringement.

Notifications of claimed infringement and counter notifications should be sent to:

  • Milo Streaming Media Inc.
  • Management  Office
  • Attn. DMCA
  • 15150 Tradesman
  • San Antonio, Texas 78249
  • Email: