1. Select desired MiLo TV Package.
  2. Select Primary Device to purchase. If you already have an approved primary device please skip to #3.
  3. Complete your Purchase through the Shopping Cart.
  4. Create a MiLo TV Account.
  5. Search for the MiLo TV Application in the Application Store on your device.
    • Most approved primary devices will have the MiLo TV Application pre-loaded on the device and available in the launcher or Application List
  6. To access your account in the application:
    • Open the MiLo TV Application
    • Create or Enter Username and Password on the Login Screen
    • The application should automatically recognize your device
    • If the application says your device is not registered please contact customer support by going to MiloTV.com/contact_us and our customer support professionals will assist you
  7. Once inside the MiLo TV application:
    • Click on the guide
    • PIck your favorite channel
    • Start watching TV

Welcome to the new age of streaming media, we hope you enjoy your experience!